I switched from 5HTP to Cucumerin. The 5HTP made my skin itch and I heard that the other supplement was also really effective in treating depression. I can feel it creeping back in. It’s as if my head is barely above water and I can breathe for now, but it’s slowly inching its way up. I think I’ll be changing back and getting some lotion. 

I haven’t really been drinking lately. I don’t want to. I want to be productive, and clean, and happy. I want all the things alcohol takes from me. 

I’ve been separating myself from the people that cause me negativity, whether intentional or not. I am noticing a difference in my attitude as a result. I’m not worried about who is my Facebook friend, I want the quality of my life to improve and so it is. I won’t surround myself with the things that trigger feelings of insecurity or jealousy in me. I’m going to make myself love my life.

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